Episode 2: The Application

A high school student dreams of a college with dogs in the dorms but first must confront college counselors, essay coaches, and admissions officers— oh my! Featuring Sara, a high school senior going through the application process; Eric Hoover, Senior Writer at the Chronicle of Higher Education; Christopher Wild, Associate Director of Admissions at Goucher College; Calvin Pickett, essay coach at College Essay Guy.

Hosted by Good School. crew member, Keith Anstead.

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Senior Producer, Keith Anstead

Meet Keith Anstead from Washington D.C., senior producer, project manager, and host of episode 2 for the Good School. podcast. While working on this episode, The Application, he found it interesting how mysterious and confusing the admissions process is. ⁠

Keith’s career goals are to produce or direct local television news. Thanks to his own travels around the world, he created a podcast called The Social Media Hermit, which won an honorable mention in NPR’s student podcast challenge!⁠

Watch the video below to learn more about Keith and why he wanted to be part of this project. This video was made just one year after the start of the Pandemic.




The Interpreter Prep Program at CCBC has partnered with us to interpret our episodes into American Sign Language! Thank you to the amazing Interpreting Prep Program Interns for their hard work on this project!

Episode 2 “The Application” in ASL by  Isabel Montero.

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