Episode 1: The Students

Life long friends, Katie and Alyssa, discuss their path to community college and why they didn’t end up at a "good school". Are they happy with the way things worked out or are they simply making the best of it? Listen in on this candid conversation about pressure from family and friends, the stigma surrounding community colleges, the stress of figuring out what to do after high school, and more.⁠

Hosted by Good School. crew member, Attia Robinson.

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Attia Robinson, Host of Episode 1


"I’m Attia Robinson and I’m currently a Biology major at CCBC! I have been working with this lovely team to research and record this podcast for about a year, and before this I helped with a podcast called 'The Connectors' with the CCBC New Media Collective.

I love investigative and education-based journalism. When I am not helping with the podcast or doing homework I am listening to true crime or volunteering at garden spaces around my city!"⁠





Katie Roberts is not just featured in episode 1, she is also an original member of the Good School. crew! Listen as she talks about why she wanted to be on the crew.


We are excited to announce that the Interpreter Prep Program at CCBC has partnered with us to interpret our episodes into American Sign Language! Thank you to the amazing Interpreting Prep Program Interns for their hard work on this project!

Episode 1 “The Students” in ASL by Ronisha Green.

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