CCBC Students Adapt to the Fall Semester

Bailie Grace

As Anna Holt, a Nursing major, begins to prepare for her morning classes, instead of worrying about being late due to traffic or sleeping through her alarm, she has to worry about having a strong internet connection and making sure that there are no distractions in her house.

Many students that went back to school this fall are learning virtually and those who chose to take traditional courses have to wear a mask at all times, stay six feet apart from everyone, and have their temperature checked every day.  These are just some of the ways The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted everyone’s way of life since February.

No one seemed to have thought that going back to school this fall would still be such a challenge. Everyone is learning how to handle it in their own way while also figuring out how to still live life through this global pandemic.

Anna Holt, current student at CCBC, has been going through this school semester in-person as she is a Nursing major. Holt talked about the differences between this school semester from last, and how she is handling it. She started by talking about how this semester was different and what CCBC did to ensure the students safety.

“When I pull onto campus there is someone waiting at the parking lot to take my temperature before I go into the building.” Holt went on to say, “I am taking microbiology in person and I like that because I am able to ask the professor questions if I have any during the lecture.”

Holt then went on to talk about how the classroom environment was different from previous semesters. “Since we cannot distance the desk six feet apart, we have to wear our mask and face shields before entering the classroom and we need to wash our hands right when we walk in and put gloves on immediately after.”

Another CCBC Student, Abbey Bulla, is taking a combination of both in-person and online courses. She is a Music major and is focusing on the technology that happens behind the scenes at music recordings and theater shows. Bulla first spoke about her in-person classes and how Essex is taking precautionary measures. Bulla said, “Essex (Campus) is very good at making sure that everything is very clean for the students. I feel like I do not need to worry about anything not being clean since they clean before and after every class in that room.”

Bulla then spoke about online classes and how she is adapting to them. “I usually try to avoid online classes since I am a visual learner, but with Corona not all of my classes are offered in person.”

Bulla then elaborated on how she has been adapting to online classes and how she gets the work done. “Online classes are not my favorite, but what’s done is done. It is difficult to stay focused and getting used to the workload, but I will get used to it sooner or later.”

Tori Myers, a Business major who is fully online this semester, is a second-year student at CCBC. This is the first semester where she is not on campus. She spoke about how online classes are much different than face to face and how she is adapting.

“Online is much different than in person and that is something that I need to get used to as the semester goes on. Online classes have definitely been difficult, but I have thought of some ways to keep focus on my classes. I start by making sure that I do not have many distractions and I make sure I write down all of my class times so that I do not miss any classes.”

Myers then went on to talk about the changes she had made for this semester to make sure that she did just as good as if she was in a traditional class.

The Coronavirus definitely took the world by storm making everyone in the world have to adapt to the “new norm” of staying six feet apart, wearing a mask in public, and constantly washing your hands and keeping everything clean.

Only time will tell how colleges and students across the country will continue to adapt to this ever-changing global situation.

If you need assistance navigating your online classes feel free to contact The Student Life Office at: Provide your name, major, phone number, email, and general questions and a Student Life Ambassador will contact you.

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