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An Interview With the Creator of "Pixelated Provisions."

Tyneisha Lewis

2020 has seen the rise of all types of trends including Instagram food trends, Tik Tok trends, and fashion collaborations. One trend that is popular is recreating recipes from TV shows, books, pop culture and more. In the spirit of this trend a blog called “Pixelated Provisions” by Victoria Rosenthal focuses on recipes inspired by the food in video games.

Q: What inspired you to start “Pixelated Provisions?”

A: Food has always been very important to me. When I first moved to Houston (this is about 11 years ago now), I wanted to motivate my friends to start cooking. I started a generic food blog of my favorite recipes, that lasted about 3 months. I couldn’t motivate myself to write the posts every week. Fast forward, I decided to give it another shot but this time to combine my love of food and video games.

Since then I’ve been working on “Pixelated Provisions.” My goal, since starting nearly eight years ago, has always been to expand my own knowledge of food and explore different cuisines by recreating things from many different video game worlds. In some games like “The Sims,” it’s a little easier to remake a real recipe the game already has. But I love taking something in a game that’s otherworldly and recreating it in my kitchen.

Video games always have different fantasy animals and monsters that get cooked up, so I’ve always assigned some easier-to-find, real world animal products as a substitution. Taking hints from games to figure out what could represent it makes things interesting. I’ve tried everything from Deathclaw Belly, from “Fallout,” to Bloodstone Ice Cream, from “Guild Wars 2.”

Q: Do you have any favorite video games and video game recipes?

A:  Some of my favorites from my site inclue: Don't Starve - Honey Nuggets, “Final Fantasy XIV” - Spaghetti Carbonara, “Final Fantasy XV” - Nebula Salmon Teriyaki, Judgement - Wasabi Karaage, “Guild Wars 2” - Cheesy Cassava Rolls, and Persona 5 - Leblanc Curry.

Q: Any video game cookbook recommendations?

A: I've had the chance to work on two cookbooks now – “Fallout The Vault Dweller's Official Cookbook” and “Destiny: The Official Cookbook.” Both books include over 70 recipes from those franchises. I can also highly recommend books by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel (“World of Warcraft,” “Overwatch,” etc).

Q: Any new and/or video game recipes?

A: Each week I try to recreate recipes on my site. There will be plenty of new recipes to come. 🙂

Q: Where can people find out more about “Pixelated Provisions?”

A: They can go to the site They can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. Also I cook live on Twitch weekly (schedule is a bit random right now).

If you enjoy video games and always wanted to try the foods from the games, then check out this blog. The recipes have stories behind them and step by step instructions with photos.

You can check out Victoria Rosenthal's blog, “Pixelated Provisions” here: . “Pixelated Provisions,” the blog for video game inspired cooking!


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