ConnectFest Allows Students to make Connections on Campus

Diata Abdullahi

On September 11th, the biannual CCBC ConnectFest took place between the Student Services Center and the Jack Manley Wellness and Athletics Center on The Catonsville Campus.

ConnectFest is a large gathering of every club, organization, and program Pathway that CCBC has to offer. Students, staff, and faculty alike attend the event just to see what on campus may pique their interest.

From The Anime Club to The Honor’s Club, everyone was in attendance either participating or representing what they loved most about CCBC. Some showed up just to represent their club and others came just to see their favorite faculty members.

Not only is ConnectFest an opportunity for experienced students to hangout, it also gives new students the chance to see what their college has to offer. “It’s really good for people who don’t know what they want to do, (or) what area they’re going into,” said former CCBC Student, Sincere.

Sincere had just completed her degree in Humanities and Social Sciences and now attends UMBC, where she is pursuing her Bachelor’s.

In previous years, ConnectFest would take place in Room 004 of the SSRV Building. Now, with more students in attendance than ever, it was moved outside. The beautiful weather coupled with the falling autumn leaves created a picturesque atmosphere to hold the event.

CCBC staff seemed to enjoy ConnectFest as much as the students did. “The thing I enjoyed most about ConnectFest, as an employee, was watching the students engaged and having a chance to meet up with my colleagues on campus,” said Lead International Student Counselor Wanda Chaney.

Held by the Office of Student life in collaboration with CCBC’s program pathways, ConnectFest offered food, games, and activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you made it to the end of the obstacle courses or to the top of the rock-climbing wall, everyone can attest to how fun it was.

Every year, students find new clubs to join. “There’s a film society here and I didn’t know that until now,” laughed Elijah, who’s just starting his second semester on campus.

Other students were surprised to learn of the pathway specific scholarships that CCBC has to offer. Each department has its own set of major-specific scholarships for students who want to pursue their major and apply.

Clubs such as The Psychology Club, Art Club, Dance Express, and The Green Club gain most of their new members through ConnectFest. A representative of each club talked about the club’s meetings and different events held over the semester. Some clubs take trips to museums which are available to all CCBC students, not just club members.

This year’s ConnectFest was the largest in years. Over a thousand students and staff showed up with 50+ clubs, organizations, and pathways to greet them. Old students got to see their favorite clubs and new students got to see what their college has to offer. All students are encouraged to attend each semester in order to make connections with other students while also learning about everything CCBC has to offer.

If you are interested in joining a club please contact The Office Student Life on your campus.

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