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According to a survey from the National Alliance for Youth Sports, approximately 70 percent of children in the United States stop playing organized sports by the age of 13.

The main reason kids stop playing sports at a young age is typically because of the high price to participate.

The Volo City Foundation plans to put an end to pricey organized sports.

Volo City provides Kids a friendly community that gives them the opportunity to learn, practice and play a variety of sports in a fun but structured environment at no cost to the family.

Volo City Kids started in the spring of 2015 as a "passion project" by Giovanni Marcantoni, CEO of Volo City. Volo City designs ways for adults to interact socially without boundaries such as gender, age or athletic ability across the country.

Volo City offers flag football, soccer, bocce, sailing, T-ball, volleyball and other sports for children. Many kids in Baltimore may not have these sports available in their area.

Kids will play one night a week of each sport for the duration of the season. With various sports per season, each on a different night of the week, a child can experience a variety of sports with different teammates within the Volo community.

The kids play for 60 minutes followed by free food and drinks donated by local businesses within the community.

Experts say children need 60 minutes of play with physical activity every day to grow to a healthy weight. Physical activity is also known to decrease the risk of obesity and heart disease.

Other than health benefits, youth sports are essential because they also teach kids teamwork and problem-solving skills. The skills that they're learning playing sports can also translate into the classroom and to a work environment.

Volo City offers sports for adults as well. When an adult signs up to play Sports with Volo City, all the benefits are donated to their children's league.

Infographic by Mass Communication Student, Mona Safari.

"We do this for the kids. Growing up my parents couldn't afford to put me in sports. I'm honored that I could help give the children in my community the childhood I never had," said Mark, a Volo City volunteer.

Adult leagues are very different from the youth leagues. For instance, the adult league is also considered a beer league. Volo City's Adult League is a great way to meet new people. Volo City has both Men's and Co-ed leagues so men and women can also play together.

" This league is great. We are having fun while giving back to the children and plus there's beer after the game,"Said Taylor, a Volo city flag football participant.

Along with the community contributing to Volo City, Bud Light and Kind Snacks sponsor Volo City.

"More people should get involved. This is a great foundation that really looks out for the kids," Said Marlik, a Volo City Flag Football Participant. "This foundation has kept kids from my neighborhood from getting into trouble. "

To get involved or for more information about participating or donating visit The Volo City Website at:


  1. Carlos Medrano Araujo 12 October, 2018 at 20:50 Reply

    The most important aspect in children life is the interaction, sports are a great platform to develop the social skills and if the sports are expensive to practice it would definitely limit children progression as a person which can involve in activities with others. Volo City is a great option and the foundation is doing a great work to have the kids involved in different sports activities. Engaging kids in sport activities will be positive impacting the economy of their family because they will be able to play sports without going through all the money expenses and giving several options to practice also is cumulative to children’s performance and development.

  2. Imani Collins 14 October, 2018 at 23:35 Reply

    This article explains what age children stop playing sports and why. Children usually stop playing sports by 13 years old because this price tp be involved is to expensive. Volo City Foundation came up with a solution for that and now allow children and adults to sign up and get involved for free. Other than health benefits, teamwork and problem solving skills are learned throughout these courses as well.

    I enjoyed reading this article. I love businesses that give back and want to make a difference. I thank it is such a great idea to start a foundation like this because it is true that families are able to afford sport activities which is why the children are able to be involved. Sometimes giving back and making someone happy is worth more than money.

  3. Margaret Henschel 18 November, 2018 at 21:56 Reply

    What a great opportunity for children and adults. I would agree that today organized sports has gotten to be an expensive. While there are extracurricular sports available in the schools, once in middle and high school, a student would have to make the team in order to participate. Some schools may provide a limited amount of activities for students either before or after school, however, they may not be consistent across the school system. I like the idea that everyone can play regardless of skill. Additionally, I like that the adult league gives back to the younger league.

  4. Alia Olmedo 10 December, 2019 at 13:10 Reply

    Not only could this strongly help children’s development but also keep them occupied. When kids get bored is when they start getting into trouble. There is no reason for a child to feel like they cannot be part of the team and have fun with other kids. I support this organization and I hope that the word will spread to parents and children. This could provide many opportunities for children such as life skills and maybe even sports scholarships.

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