Join the New Media Collective (NMC) in our first NMC Music Room concert featuring Singer-Songwriter, Ja'min Williams.  This series will showcase CCBC students who create their own music.  We hope this will be the beginning of something wonderful at CCBC!

Ja'min gets us off to a great start.  His gift of performing and creating are evident.  His raw, brutally honest lyrics are relatable and moving.  You will find yourself being pulled into his music and humming along even after the concert has ended.

A special thank you to Frank Grocholski for the audio recording, Professor Rebecca Ocampo for providing the piano, Nicole Buckingham Kern for allowing us to use the CCBC Art Gallery as our venue, Moe Conn for helping to move the piano, and the NMC students who attended the concert. Please note the beautiful art work that serves as the backdrop for our concert:  The Gallery at CCBC, Catonsville. Exhibition "Working Overtime- Over Time" A Retrospective of Works by Hal Rummel


  1. Julian Johnson 9 May, 2018 at 14:56 Reply

    Hey Jamin,
    It was a pleasure to be a member of your audience during the concert. I hope you do more NMC Music rooms in the future.

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