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Spring of Feelings

I. Provens
Student Contributor

On Saturday Apr. 23, The Community College of Baltimore County’s Performing Arts Department shared a reflection of their hard work as they performed their 2016 Spring Dance Concert in the Essex Theatre building.

As people made their way into the Theatre building prior to show time; many were already in-line purchasing tickets while others were busy attempting to occupy any available seats anxiously waiting as 8 p.m. approached.

Music major Eric Li said, “I’m actually excited! I have a friend that will be performing in the show. She has always invited me to come out to see the group and now….here I am”

The concert was open to the general public, not restricted to only students from CCBC. The box office sold tickets for a small fee to those who didn’t attend CCBC and an even smaller fee for those who did attend the college, senior citizens, and CCBC faculty members. “I never knew,” said student, Shannon Joan. “If you are a student here and this happens to be the first performance that you attended, then you get your first ticket for free!”

The sound of the opening auditorium doors filled the waiting area, which caused everyone to quickly rush to form a single line while fumbling around with their tickets. Every person was more than ready to claim their new seats inside the theatre once the usher gave them back their stubs.

As everyone was settled, an usher came by with programs that outlined the performance. The program listed a two part act each including four dances that were individually chosen by the choreographers of the CCBC Dance Company. After a couple of minutes, the lighting dimmed and the curtains lifted from the stage floor.

All members from the Performing Arts Dance Company were on stage moving to the music of their first piece called “We are To Find Joy.” This piece, which celebrated spring, was accompanied with women wearing spring dresses twirling about.

Music major Lisa Coleman said, “Whoever designed the costumes did a fantastic job! It is easily understood that this is supposed to represent spring time in a way.”

The dancers performed various ballet moves that gave the strong impression that each one practices their craft well. Each song told a story; some happy and others sad. This was a show that exposed everyone’s personal feelings through their own perception of the performance.

The Community College of Baltimore County’s Performing Arts Department clearly put in a tremendous amount of work into their performance which was felt throughout their entire show. This exciting recital seemed to give everyone in attendance a fresh, clean start into spring 2016.

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