Judgmentally Healthy? What does that even mean? We need to go back in time to have a better understanding. Three years ago, I was someone who didn’t know the impact of healthy food and lifestyle on someone’s health. My diet was mostly bread, cheese, processed food and some vegetables here and there. I never gave my food a second thought until I started to notice that I felt so sleepy after every meal I ate. I used to feel so bloated and all I wanted is to do is lay down after eating. Sometimes I felt sleepy before I finished eating. I also noticed that I was always out of breath even after small physical effort. I lacked energy and felt tired all the time. I didn’t like how I felt, so I decided to do something about it. I started to change my diet and eat healthier food like vegetables, nuts, and good fat. My food started to become plant-based and whole food. I started to see the benefit of cleaning up my diet of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. The results were amazing with lots of energy and a good mood everyday.

The more I learned about a healthy lifestyle the more I wanted to keep reading and learning. Then I started to learn about the danger of processed foods on the human body and the damage it can cause. The more I learned the more I became so worried about my loved ones, especially my children. I decided to stop buying as much processed food in my house. I just wanted my family to change their diet and start eating just like me – healthy. Why wouldn’t they eat like me, after all my healthy diet is so good and it keeps me healthy and it can keep my family healthy too. This is how I used to think.

Healthy food and a heathy lifestyle was all I would  talk about. I talked about it to my family, to my friends, to my co-workers, even to strangers. I thought I was helping people by educating them about healthy food. It felt like it was my responsibility to help people fix their diet even if they didn’t ask for help. It felt like I was judging the way they eat because it’s not healthy like the way I eat. My way of eating is the right way…it has to work for everyone…it’s the only way they will protect themselves from the harm and damage of processed food…Well I was wrong all along.

My way of eating does not fit everyone. My way of eating shouldn’t be forced on everyone I know and care about. My way of eating is my choice and it doesn’t have to be everyone’s choice. Everyone has the right to go through their own journey with food and reach healthy food on their own just like I did. No one forced me to choose to clean up my diet. No one imposed their opinions on me about the way I eat. No one told me what to do or saw that the way they eat is better or healthier than mine. I did it on my own by noticing the changes in my health then deciding to change and better my health. This is how I realized how I was judgmentally healthy, so I decided to stop and let everyone be free to eat the way they see fit to their body. It’s not my responsibility to advise someone who doesn’t want advice. After coming to this realization, it felt like I took a weight off my shoulder. Everyone is responsible for their own health and well being and I will always be here ready to help only if you ask me to. When you are nice and ready and freely without judgement.

Until next time my friends,