Ever thought about how mindfulness can remove blocks that stand in your way of success and abundance? I just experienced exactly that this morning.

Let me explain,
Today after I finished my lab class and on my way to work I learned that my plan for the weekend is not happening. I was mad at first then I paused and took a deep breath. I started to remember something I learned recently and that was,  no matter what, the universe works in your favor.
Remembering this, made me accept what’s going to happen with my plans this weekend and trust that the universe works in my favor. I started to calm down and regain my balance and peace. 5 minutes later I ran into one of my Professors and we had a conversation about my planes after my graduation. He connected me with another Professor who can help me in my future career goals as a holistic healing counselor.
It’s like the universe rewarded me for being mindful and living in the moment.
When we keep our balance we attract opportunities into our lives. I wonder if I didn’t have this mindful moment to regain my balance and peace, would the universe give me this opportunity?
I’m not sure, but I wasn’t supposed to stop at that building where I ran into my Professor this morning. Something made me forget to stop by the bathroom in the Math and Science Building where I finished my class, so I had to go to the nearest building to go to the bathroom, which was the Arts and Humanities Building. That was where I ran into my Professor.
 I have a feeling that we can communicate with the universe and that mindfulness is the language between us and the universe.
Until next time my friends