They tell you that you can do anything a man can do. They tell you that you are stronger and better than any man on earth. They tell you that you can do anything you want to do and no one can stop you. You can run a company, you can run a corporation, you can even run a country. You don’t need a break because then that means you are weak and you can’t do it. Go ahead and prove that you are better by entering this race against men. Show the world that you can handle all the stress that comes with your success and don’t you dare show them the slightest sign of weakness or ask to take a break to check if your needs are met or not. They demand from you to work full time yet they will not give you equal pay. Where is the equality in that? Or is this inequality in disguise? Or this is a trap?

Dear women, you are strong because you are a woman. You are strong with or without proof. You can do anything you set your mind on to do. Not because you need to prove you are better than men, but because you are good at it in your own unique way. You can run a company, run a corporation, run a country, and you can do all of that with your touch of love, mercy, and compassion. You can do all of that by being true to yourself and without losing parts of yourself in the process. You deserve a break because your needs matter and they matter a lot. You can succeed in your life without being constantly in a race with men to prove that you are better. You don’t have to be under that kind of pressure. You don’t just deserve equality because equality is not enough. You deserve equity. You deserve to be seen and heard not just when you make money. The mere existence of you as a woman in everyone’s life is priceless and has no price tag. You are the source of love, compassion, mercy, tolerance, and peace on this earth. Because of you there are lots of successful men in the world.

Until next time my friends,