Hello everyone and welcome to the Spring semester!  Are you ready and recharged as I am? Well I know I am charged and ready for what the spring semester has to offer. You think she’s too excited for me right? Well I am so excited to share what I was up to during winter break with all of you! It’s all in my spiritual journey


I visited  this amazing and beautiful place in West Palm Beach , Florida. This place is called Hippocrates Wellness. It’s like a health retreat where you eat fresh organic food and live a healthy lifestyle. I stayed there for two weeks where I was on a raw vegan healing diet. Not only that, but I also had a chance to experience the state of the art advanced energy therapy for all kind of pain and ailments. I think, with my humble opinion that places like Hippocrates are the future of modern medicine. People go there with all kind of diseases big or small, acute of chronic, simple or deadly. They go there and after a period of three weeks, they leave either cured or at least with enough knowledge and practice to live a healthier life for the rest of their life.


I know what you all are thinking now, raw vegan diet? You must have been starving. I’m happy to tell you that I ate three meals a day and I was feeling so full. The kitchen staff there are so creative. I don’t know how they do it, but they make raw vegan taste so good. I know , it’s hard to believe that’s why I brought the proof with me. Please, enjoy these pictures with captions:


Pesto zucchini pasta with lots and lots of fresh sprouts                                         Vegan taco with vegan sour cream


Vegan grape leaves with hummus and lots of sprouts                                     Sugar free gluten free chocolate cake

So, do you believe it now. The food there is so delicious. Did you notice the amount of sprout on the plate? Sprouts are so big there at Hippocrates. They grow their own sprouts using their own soil. Sprouts have so much life in them and they have great benefits like lowering blood sugar level, helping with digestions by feeding the good bacteria in the gut, and they are high in protein. I wish I could bring the kitchen staff home with me. They make cooking healthy food look easy.


Now let’s explore these sunrise pictures I took every morning I was there at Hippocrates. I hope you enjoy them, the campus there is so beautiful



This one is the full moon. It was taken at 6:30 am from my room

This trip was a spiritual journey too. I got to spend hours meditating and reflecting. Being close to nature with water, blue sky, green trees , and exotic tropical plants all around made it the perfect environment for me to meditate, reflect, recharge, and make lots of good decisions for bright future.

I still have a lot to share about this amazing trip, but I’ll save some for future blogs. Stay tuned

I’m so thankful and grateful for this trip. I’m also blessed to get to experience all of this. Now I’m able to direct people who need help to take control of their health to a place that will help them do exactly that. It’s definitely worth every penny I spent

Have a very successful semester everyone!

Until next time my friends