Today, I just said goodbye to the very last class for me at CCBC. This concludes my journey as a student at CCBC. I will graduate on June 4th , and I will get my AAS in Behavioral Health Counseling.

This blog will be my farewell and last blog. I would like to thank you so much for every minute you spend reading my thoughts and ideas. I hope my blogs were a source of inspiration and support during your time at CCBC.

I like to also talk about about things you need to do to rap up the semester and to get ready for graduation. CCBC offers fun events and activities for graduates, so I’ll be talking about those too in this blog.

The first thing you need to do during your last semester and before your graduation is to apply for graduation. You can do that at enrollment services where you submit your graduation application and pay graduation fees. Start working on that the beginning of March

Then, if you are interested in applying for the president’s Distinguished Graduate Award, I recommend you do. It’s a very prestige’s award. If you get picked, you get to be recognized on commencement day and give your speech to represent the student body for that year. I was a finalist for the award, and I’m planning to share my speech with you in my farewell blog.

Now let’s shift to the different fun events and activities offered by CCBC:

The award ceremony is where students are awarded for their great achievements. There are so many categories for different accomplishments, so keep an eye on your student email if you think you will be awarded by your professors, or by your program directors if you are involved in any clubs, organizations, or leadership programs.

Grad Fest is hosted by the Alumni Association. It’s a day full of festivities and fun to celebrate the CCBC graduates. Each graduate will get the chance to bring family members to enjoy the fun.

If you a member of the Honors Program, then you will be invited to an event to decorate your cap. This is a great way to celebrate with your fellow honors graduate the accomplishments you had through the Honors program. Keep an eye on your email from the Honors Program.

Last, but not least is commencement day. Go there, walk the stage feeling proud and strong. get ready to make the world a better place

I hope I was able to cover most of the events before graduation. if you have any questions, please comment bellow and I will make sure to answer your question.

Now, it it time for me to say good bye. I enjoyed blogging on the CCBC website for the past two years. It has been a very rewarding experience reading your comments. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I wish you the best in your future. I’m sure you all will do amazing things at CCBC and beyond.

I will leave you with my speech I prepared for commencement. I hope it will be inspiring for you:


CCBC is not just a college, CCBC is a community. CCBC welcomed me with open arms, and CCBC is a second home to me and to so many of its students. It was here where I learned and experienced the true meaning of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance. It was here where I became a student leader and learned the true meaning of leadership. It was here where I went from no social media presence to a student influencer. It was here where I wrote my first blog. It was here where I found my passion and a pathway to achieve my future career goals. It was here where I came out of my shell and overcame my fear of public speaking. It was here where I got closer and closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming an inspirational speaker. It was here where I became who I am today. “I am CCBC Proud.” I’m so proud to be a member of the CCBC community.


Six years ago, I came to CCBC with a big dream and no idea how to get there. I also came with anxiety and a ton of self-doubts. A stay-at-home mom decided it’s time to start her higher education journey. After being out of school for seventeen years, I took my first step toward fulfilling my dream. I started to doubt myself. What were you thinking? Are you going to be able to balance your home life and your college life? Did you forget that English is your second language? Or did you forget that you suck at math? What about your daughter who’s going to college soon? Are you going to be able to pay for her tuition and pay for your tuition too? Those were some of the self-doubt thoughts racing through my head.


I was lost and not sure about what I wanted to study, but, at CCBC I found all the encouragement and assurance I needed to turn off the self-doubt. Whether it was financial help, emotional help, academic help, or career help, the CCBC community always supported me. I kept hearing over and over; “you got this,” “you will be ok,” “you have so much potential.” I’m so grateful for every person who works here. You all helped me became who I am today, a completely transformed person who is a lot closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming an inspirational speaker.  My loving and caring family was a big part of this journey. Without their love and support, I wouldn’t be standing here today. My husband, three children, and my parents provided me with all the love and support I needed to finish this journey proud and strong. I’m so blessed to have such a support system.


To my fellow graduates, today is the day you proved to yourself and to everyone that you can accomplish any goal you set your mind to no matter what life throws at you. Let this day be a reminder that you always have the power over any self-doubt thoughts you might have about your future. I’m so proud of each one of you. Put yourself out there and show up to the world. The world is waiting to see what amazing things you have to offer to make it a better place. Thank you and congratulations to the class of 2022!


Farewell and goodbye my friends