This is  my third and final blog about my trip to Hippocrates Wellness. For those who don’t know, I have been blogging about my trip to West Palm Beach, Florida during winter break and this is my third blog about it. In my second blog, I talked about the time I spent in isolation after I tested positive for COVID. Today, I will talk more about these five days in isolation. How I started to have a  clear vision to my future and how I made a new friend.

Here I was with my roommate , Lucie  all packed up and not so ready to leave the comfort of our room to go to the isolation house. The isolation house is off campus, so we no longer have the amenities everyone has on campus. We had to cancel all of our healing therapy appointments. I tried to keep it all together until we reached the isolation house. It started to become real now. We are no longer on Hippocrates Campus. No more watching the sunrise over the beautiful pond on campus. No more biking around campus and enjoying the exotic trees and flowers. No more attending all the educational lectures or yoga classes. Just sitting in the isolation house with nothing to do. At least my roommate and I got along well. Imagine if we didn’t, what could have happened?

I cried all morning the next day after I called my family to tell them. My biggest fear was that I miss my flight back to Baltimore if they kept me in isolation for two weeks. Luckily, at that time they changed the rule about quarantine from two weeks to only five days if you don’t have symptoms. I decided to make the best out of this experience, after all I’m a true believer of that good things always come out of challenging times. Since I had all the time in the world, I meditated for long hours reflecting on why I’m here right now right in this place. What is it that I need to know or learn from this experience. A lot of questions that needed answers. I took long walks around the area to help me get answers. There were beautiful palm trees around the house, which was a nice transition from what I enjoyed on campus. I still had beautiful nature around me that helped me enjoy my time there. My roommate, Lucie is also big on spirituality and meditation, so I was so lucky to have her with me through this challenging time. We became close friends even though we were strangers just a week ago. She was there when I needed someone to talk  and open my heart to. Her good spirit and wisdom helped guided me through my journey to find answers to all of my questions. She was there when I needed to hear myself and hear what Rama is trying to tell me. Lucie was there when I needed a compassionate and caring friend. Lucie, if you are reading this, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m so blessed for our friendship.

Everyday at the isolation house, I get more and more clarity. I was able to listen to the voice inside once I was quite enough and focused with no distractions. It’s like the dark glasses I was wearing are lifted and I can see clearly now. I can say that I started to see a more focused and clear vision to my future. All of that happened in isolation. After all, good things come out of challenging times.

Until next time my friends