If you look at pictures of me from three years ago and compare them with pictures of me now, you will notice that I look younger. Not only that, I do feel younger than three, four, five years ago. Did I catch your attention yet? Do you want to know my secret? Well not until you hear my story first.

When I was in my mid thirties, I started to experience inflammation symptoms. Foe example, I would feel bloated and fatigue right after I eat. I would experience brain fog , lack of concentration, and lack of energy almost all day. I used to experience joint pain, shoulder and neck pain, and back pain. And on top of that, I used to have acne. I know what you are thinking right now, I was thinking the same thing back when I used to experience all of that. How is it that I’m still in my mid thirties and have all of these problems? I blamed it on being out of shape and not working out. It turned out that being active or working out is not the whole story. It’s only half of it.

I was fed up with the way I felt about my health. I decided not to live the rest of my life with inflammation. I went online and started to look up videos about food and nutrition. I came a cross a nutritionist who was talking about the affect of gluten, dairy, and refined sugar on your health. I was shocked of how ignorant I was about the food I eat every single day. I soaked it all in. I started to change the way I cook and prepare food, but the biggest and most effective change I made in my diet was drinking green juice.

I tried it for one week and I fell in love with this magical drink. The amount of energy I had during that week was unbelievable. I started to drink green juice three years ago and I’m still drinking it and I’m planning to keep drinking it until the end of time. Once you start reaping the benefits from this juice, you will never stop. You might think that’s too much, right? Then I advise you to keep reading until the end. I injured my wrist at the gym and I had to stop working out and rest it for one month. I was freaking out because I was worried I will put the weight I lost back on. Little did I know that drinking green juice everyday kept the weight off for the entire month I was resting my wrist. Do you see now why I fell in love with this  magical drink?

I got rid of all the inflammation symptoms I used to have. My energy level was high without any caffeine. No more joint, shoulder, neck or back pain. As long as I eat healthy and drink my green juice, I will keep feeling younger and younger.

One last benefit I like to mention here is improved mood. After eating healthy and drinking more green juice, my mood started to improve and I noticed that I don’t get angry a lot like before. Once you activate your body’s hidden healing abilities, you will experience wonders in your health physically and mentally.


I would like to share my green juice recipe with you in case you are curious and  interested . You can always modify it to your taste. If you like more fruits than vegetables for a more sweet taste, you can do that. Just make it your own and enjoy the many benefits from this magical juice. I call it a drink from haven.

Green Juice Recipes:










Turmeric Powder

A pinch of black pepper

Add all the vegetables and fruits in the blender with enough water to mix them together. Use a strainer to squeeze all the juice of the blended vegetables and fruits in a bowl then add some turmeric and a pinch of black pepper. Enjoy!

This is my new juicer that I’m so excited about. It saves me time when I juice

Until next time my friends