Hello friends and happy Friday!


It’s that time again – its’s Connectfest. Connectfest is a college wide event hosted by the Office of Student Engagement (formerly the Office of Student Life) – where students can come together, learn more about CCBC, meet new people, and have a good time. This spring, Connectfest will be on every campus as well as the Owings Mills extension center, all throughout this coming week so drop by on whichever campus you’re on.


Have you been wondering how to get involved on campus, how to join a club, how to meet new people? This is your chance to learn about different clubs and organizations, as well as different degrees like the nursing program.


I’m so glad to be starting a new semester with you and hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you at Connectfest – see you there 👋🏾


See you next week!


p.s. Be sure to stop by the Student Engagement table and ask us how to become an Ambassador.