Hello friends and happy Friday!


Happy thanksgiving, I hope you’re enjoying your break – I certainly am. Do you celebrate thanksgiving? If you do, what did you do during the break? Anything fun? If not, what did you do during this time.


I’ve only really celebrated thanksgiving for the past few years, mostly because it’s not something I grew up with and I found that over time it interested me less and less. Maybe that’s because I don’t have a strong nostalgic feeling connected to it. So, to make it a little more fun, my family decided we would order a bunch of traditional Kenyan food – the kind of food that we haven’t had in years and have our own version of thanksgiving. I find that it’s a beautiful way to blend the two cultures and add a little bit of spice – turkey is boring so let’s have goat stew instead, pumpkin pie, no, let’s do mandazi and chai.


This year, I spent the day with extended family, ate way too much, and then had one of the best naps of my life. In this blog, I thought I would give a detailed description of my favorite foods, just kidding I’m just going to rank all the different foods that were on my table.



This year we had:

  • Turkey                                                               3/10 – boring and dry.
  • Mashed potatoes                                           10/10 – potatoes in mashed form, impossible to get wrong.
  • Mac and cheese                                            8.5/10 – pretty good.
  • Bacon wrapped Brussel sprouts                   2/10 – refused to taste them but aesthetically, really pretty.
  • Stuffing                                                              2/10 – not my cup of tea.
  • Some kind of pineapple dish                         8/10 – excellent! Sounds like something that wouldn’t work but tastes divine.
  • ‘Green stuff’                                                       9/10 – a top secret recipe filled with sugary goodness


For dessert we had:

  • Pumpkin pie                                                        -/10 – too full to eat
  • Pecan pie                                                              -/10 – too full to eat
  • Apple cider and cinnamon doughnuts          9/10 – warmed up with some ice cream and its perfect.


What was your favorite meal on your thanksgiving spread?


Would you ever consider doing something different and switching up your thanksgiving staples. Maybe having a Friendsgiving and everyone brings their favorite pizza? Maybe one with spaghetti and meatballs? The possibilities are endless.


Anyway, I hope you had fun. See you next week!