Hello friends and happy Friday!


Are you like me and have never attended a CCBC sports game?


Did you know that every CCBC campus has their own mascots:


Dundalk Lions 🦁

Catonsville Cardinals 🕊

Essex Knights ♘




Like a lot of people my age, I grew up on High School Musical and ever since I first watched Chad Danforth and Ryan Evans on a baseball field sing “I don’t dance,” I decided that once I got to college, one of my main objectives, would be to go to a sports game, sing songs and show my school pride.


Fast forward where I am now in my final year, and I haven’t had the chance to live out my childhood dream and so I am determined to attend a game.


I say all this to tell you that the Dundalk Lions Basketball team have a game this Saturday, November 19 at 1:00 PM on the Dundalk campus Wellness & Athletics Center (WELL) – Main Arena


Be sure to come support them and maybe I’ll see you there…


See you next week!