Hello friends and happy Friday!


Yes…yes…I know, 2 blogs in one day. I’m having to play catch up from not posting anything last week. Having two exams in one week is a great way to throw your whole schedule out of the window.


Have you been feeling out of the loop and like you’re not able to keep up with CCBC activities?


As an ambassador and a member of student life, I’ve been going around the campus and trying to find creative ways to get student involved, especially new students who haven’t had many opportunities to get involved around campus.


I thought I’d share different ways that you can get involved, stay in the loop, and make sure you never miss anything.


To connect with student life:


Join the student life community on myCCBC: https://myccbc.ccbcmd.edu/group/student-life/home


Join the weekly email list: tinyurl.com/CCBCevents


Receive text alerts: Text 71444 with CCBC


Hopefully this is a good place to start so that you can learn more about CCBC and stay informed.


See you next week!