Recently, I’ve been attempting to be more creative. Whatever that means. During my time at CCBC, I’ve made it a point to take at least one art class every semester, unfortunately, I was unable to do so this time. Which means that my semester so far has been filled with neurons, action potentials, and bones. So I decided that I would try something I’ve never done before – poetry!


Now if you know me, you might be shaking your head and laughing knowing that this idea will last for about a week before I move on to my next project and you’re probably right.


But…here is my very first attempt at a little poem using the letters of the upcoming season as a kind of inspiration and starting point


At the start of every season

Untimely feelings come upon

To all who dread silently

Understand that a new season

Means brighter futures

Not closing doors.


This idea came from feeling a little sad that the last day of summer has just passed, so I am instead going to change my outlook and think of it as the first day of fall. The firsts of anything always bring new opportunities, and new ideas – a fresh start.


See you next week.


Ps. Try writing a poem (you might like it).