Did you know that everyday of the year has a designated holiday to it. There is Belly Laugh Day – a holiday to celebrate laughter and its benefits on January 24; Sweetest Day – a holiday for romantic deeds on October 21; National Cuddle Up Day – reserved on January 6 to help you stay warm, and National Nothing Day – a holiday to reserved to be an anti-holiday so that you don’t have to celebrate anything on January 16.

As thanksgiving has just passed and we are finally finishing or at least putting a dent in our leftovers, an appropriate national holiday to remember is November 15th. This is the National Recycling Day. I know that we are in December but I think this is an appropriate to re-celebrate right after thanksgiving and so remember to recycle.

To bring this national holiday closer to home and make it more local, At CCBC, the Essex Café and all other CCBC dining location are “Going Green.” This is something that has been happening for a while and so you probably already know this, however, if you don’t have a habit of eating cafeteria food or venturing into the ROMA building then this might be new to you. So what does “Going Green” mean?

It means that:

There will be no more foam plates – all service ware will be paper or aluminum and will be able to be recycled.

There will be no more plastic straws – new beeswax coated paper straws are available.

There are refillable bottles – refillable beverage bottles are available for purchase. Buying a refillable container will get you discount refills with the first fill for free.

Side note: It’s Your Choice. This means that you can ask a server at each station to try out the new wooden utensils. There are still plastic available (make sure to still recycle these).

What national holiday would you create if you could? When would it be and how would you celebrate?