This is the week right before spring break guys! Spring break is going to be from April 9th- April 18 2022. You may be wondering, what am I going to do for a weeks worth? You may want to study more, maybe work on school work, maybe you’re going on a mini vacation, or you completely are doing nothing and plan on just spending your time not doing anything, just good ole relaxation. I myself will probably spend my days doing some school work, going on hike’s if the weather permits it, laying around the house, and going to the gym. chillin | GIF | PrimoGIF

Whatever you plan on doing just make sure to prioritize self care and relax. But if you’re looking for some activities to do this spring break look no further!

CCBC’s student life, per usual, has got some discounted ticket offers for students and their families!

 Location  Restrictions  Prices
 The Maryland Zoo   Tickets can be used whenever the zoo is open.

OFFER ENDS October 2022

LIMIT: 4 tickets per CCBC ID.


Faculty/staff: $10


 Monster Mini Golf  Tickets are only valid in the White Marsh or Columbia whenever the venue is open.

OFFER ENDS October 2022

LIMIT: 4 tickets per CCBC ID.


Faculty/staff: $6


 iFLY  Tickets are NOT valid on Saturdays.

Flying codes are good for 2 flys.

OFFER ENDS October 2022

LIMIT: 2 tickets per CCBC ID.


Faculty/staff: $30


How do I purchase these ticket?

Visit any of our student life office locations Monday-Fridays 8:30 AM- 4:30 PM

* Only cash/check/OneCard are forms of payments accepted*

  • CCBC Catonsville


BARN, Room 003

  • CCBC Dundalk


College Community Center, Room 204

  • CCBC Essex


Robert and Eleanor Romadka College Center (ROMA), Room 102

My advice: Take advantage of these activities at such a discounted rate! Make sure to purchase the tickets before the school goes on spring break because no one will be here to sell you the tickets.

Stay safe this spring break and try something new. I hope you guys are able to take the time to have a lot of “me time” and relax. Catch up with a friend or take your family out to a cute little fun date take create some memories.

I am yearning for the temperatures to change towards the upper 60’s and that stay like that for a few days. Once it hits above 75 I am sweating and complaining.

Have fun guys!

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