Something that can never be said about Student Life is that they are boring. In reality, they are outside of the box thinkers that are always trying to get students involved in fun ways. And what better way to entertain students than to host a virtual trivia Tuesday??? I would say that a good amount of people like to play trivia, especially if there’s a prize involved (which there is).

How does Trivia Tuesday work?

It is virtually hosted through zoom and requires students to use and a screen to look at zoom. You can either do a split screen or use 2 different devices to play. One screen you will need to run to answer the questions, and the other device will be so you can read the question and the multiple choices. You may be wondering, why do I need 2 screens? Well, the questions are live and its a competitive trivia, and to give everyone a fair chance to look at the questions, kahoot.its algorithm works this way.

What is

It is a website/app that allows you to put in a specific code that student life will provide you with when you joint the zoom call. After entering in your name/or nickname you wait for the game to start. Once the game starts you need to rely on the zoom screen to read the question and see the options you can choose from.

What is the trivia on?

The topics vary. Sometime if trivia Tuesday is near or on a holiday that may be the topic. One great thing about it is that the host either Chrissy Hoffman or Dan Sym are always up to take suggestions for trivia ideas for further trivia dates.

When is trivia Tuesday?

It takes place every other Tuesday. Student life promotes it through their social media accounts.

How do I join?

The link that is used for trivia Tuesdays is:

Trivia Tuesdays link

Click it^^^^^^^^


What are the prizes?

  Not only are you having fun, but if you get in the top 3 of the scoreboard you get a prize!

1st place= $40 gift card

2nd place= $25 gift card

3rd place= $10 gift card

The gift cards are for the website, and you would receive it via your student email.

The next trivia Tuesday is today March 1st, 2022 at 12:00 PM!!! 

Feel free to join is for some virtual fun and try get some some moneyyyyyyy! They happen every other Tuesday. So next trivia Tuesday will be March 15th, 2022.