As we come up on week 4 out 14, CCBC will be hosting a Virtual Awareness Fair this Thursday February 24th. You may be wondering what is the awareness fair? The awareness fair is an event CCBC hosts each semester to connect students with local community organizations. These community organizations consists of things like mental health, health, and family support services that are available to CCBC students and their families. This is a great resource as many people may be battling with issues and don’t know who to connect to help them. Since it will be virtually hosted on Zoom, you could expect these different resources to be put in different breakout rooms so students can get the information they would like as needed. It’s very beneficial that CCBC is hosting this event early on in the semester so student can know how to navigate these resources and take on the problem sooner than later.

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If you register for the Virtual Awareness fair CCBC will give you $5 on your OneCard.

Click the link below to register!

Register Here Virtual Awareness Fair

I hope you are able to join us on Thursday. I will be working the working the event as an ambassador and I hope to see you guys!

Also thank you for CCBC’s College and Community Outreach Services that set up these events for students.