I think ever since Covid started we have lost some sense of communication with fellow students. I know technology is a huge thing these days, but people aren’t quite as interactive as they were before. Not to blame any person in specific but more just of the current situation we are faced with. Interactions are just simply different. I can remember prior to Covid people would hang near the Student Life offices (which actually I have seen a larger number of students starting to hangout in those areas again this fall semester), but now it’s just not the same.

I wanted to shine some light on a very resourceful tool CCBC’s Student Life has proudly been housing in their offices, the Student Pantry.

What is the Student Pantry?

It is a room that they keep stocked for students who are in need. You could find anything ranging from food, school supplies, and hygiene products.

Where are they located? 

CCBC Catonsville
Barn, Room 003

CCBC Dundalk
College Community Center, Room 204

CCBC Essex
College Community Center, Suite 102

What do I need to obtain these resources?

A valid student ID # or your OneCard to show that you are a student. Your information is not kept. They ask for it just make sure you are an actually CCBC student.

As the month of November is upon us, giving can be a heavy thought on our minds. Don’t get me wrong, you can be giving in the month of May but as an American culture it seems to be more in the air these next couple of months, which is not a bad thing. What matters is that you want to give or help in some sort of way. The Student Pantry is here to help our students in need. Would you be interest in potentially donating to your fellow students or friends? Well look no further! Reach out to one of our Student life offices (provided under “where are they located”) and let them know you are interested in donating.

I spoke to Rama about this blog, and she told me she was working alongside the Giving Tuesday folks, so please make sure to check out her blog when it comes out because she will be providing you guys for a way to virtually donate to our Student Life Pantry and fundraising for other needed student resources.