Within the month of February, 3 out of the 4 weeks I have ate a chicken and crab dip quesadilla. I had never had this combination but it has changed my favorite way to consume crab dip. I’ve been a crab dip lover since the first time I had a crab pretzel from the lil bill batemens bistro near my neighborhood. From elementary school throughout middle school I held them as the top tier  ideal for crab dip. As I grew older I realized that there is more to life than just pre-frozen crab pretzels. I met crab dip with toasted bread. It was and is still is my go to appetizer whenever I see it on any menu. Personally, as of right now Jimmys famous seafood and Micheal’s cafe have the best crab dip. But to the main thing that inspired me to write this was blog, the chicken and crab dip quesadilla!!! I didn’t know such thing existed but at the beginning of February I decided to try Sunset Cove. I was iffy because my go to spot in the bowleys quarter area has been Bowleys on the Bay since this past summer (OMGGGGG bowleys has this crab dip pita that is soooooooo yummy. There baja chicken wrap and banana bread pudding has me going there constantly, plus the view is beautiful I love it there). Anyways I tried sunset cove and fell in love with that concept of a warm gooey crab dip and flavored chicken in a warm tortilla quesadilla. This then lead me to Nacho mama’s in Towson one night wanting me to try there version of a crab dip and chicken quesadilla. It was okay, nowhere near as good as sunset cove. I will say that there quesadilla comes with a side of guac which was amazing. Finally my journey led me back on a 3rd week run to pursing a crab dip chicken quesadilla at sunset cove. Its a hefty portion and they call it the Seneca Creek Quesadilla, I would highly recommend you try it. Writing this is making me hungry hahahaha!

sunset cove, seneca creek quesadilla

I really want to try to make a crab dip and chicken quesadilla at home. It seems fairly easy plus Richardsons farm sells fresh pre-made crab dip (I’ve used before to make wontons/eggrolls super yummy) which would probably be a more convenient way to get crab dip. The chicken part of this recipe would probably be seasoning as you like and either grilling it or searing on the stove. I’d probably accompany with fresh homemade guacamole and homemade air fryed fries. Whenever I find time this is very high on my recipe to do list.

I wanted to include some of my crab dip related pics with you guys that I’ve ate; ENJOY 🙂

crab dip bowl, sunset cove


seafood flatbread, Bowleys on the Bay


when Jimmys had mini crab pretzels (they took them off the menu sadly)
Jimmys famous seafood circa 2018


bowleys on the bay, Baja chicken wrap, no crab dip but this is sinful