AHHHHHHHHHHHH, who would have known that I would be here once again to greet you guys into this new incoming semester for spring 2022?!?!?!? Day Dreaming by Ashleigh Green on DribbbleOh, how time flies and how every new year seems to get here faster and faster to me. 

The winter break seemed long this time around, but nonetheless, much needed. I found myself working, playing lots of animal crossings, and just laying around. Next weeks blog I’ll give you an insight to me having COVID during peak of the winter/holiday break, because it truly was a weird experience that has to be heard.

At the start of the winter break I was having PTSD thinking, gees, we are going back to lockdown… Which I was having mixed emotions about, because 1 my brain can’t believe we’re still living in a pandemic coming up on 2 years, and 2 why wouldn’t they shut us down if this variant was spreading like wildfire. Cowboy Walk Cycle Animated GIF by Fraser Davidson for Cub Studio on DribbbleThose thoughts quickly dispersed in a weird way, this probably has a lot to do with this not being our first rodeo anymore.

My thoughts for this semester is  that I will officially be a full time student in a total new way and have decided to take a whopping 14 credits, which I have never done so, but I am ready to embark on this new journey. I hope to relate to you guys on a different level now as a full time student, who is also taking all classes online, and hope to give some insight to the culture of being a fully online student. Am I scared? Anxious? Nervous? To an extent I would say. I pray that for the amount of time I have spent as a student that I am familiar with my study habits. I have meditated on this 14 credit journey for this semester and thoroughly see myself succeeding and passing.  You may be wondering, why would you take so many credits Vivian? And to that I say, it’s honestly just 4 classes, but 2 of them are 4 credits. I find myself being bored most of the time so why not? Like I’ve always said, what’s a life if you never take a risk.? Probably one that you will always seem to find yourself asking the what ifs. I want to graduate sooner than later, but I also am testing myself out with this. I’ve actually talked to a couple of friends and they’re like 14 credits? That’s nothing. I took 18 credits before. And of course never compare yourself to others, but I’m going to give it a go.Building Community GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

In other news, I am back as an ambassador!!! I am really so excited because I work with 2 other fellow ambassadors (Meg & Rama) and I would get sad hearing them talking about attending events and getting t-shirts (if you know me, you know I love a good free t-shirt). Thankfully both Rama and Meg love me and always seem to try to get me one when possible. Friendships like those always fill my soul with happiness. I hope to meet new people this semester even though I am virtual in both my academic classes and student life.

Cheers to a new year and I am claiming all the success for you and me!