Many students including myself have little to no knowledge of what PTK is and what PTK does. PTK can simply be described as the honors organization that most community colleges have & it is widely known on providing scholarships to transfer students going to universities. In one of my past blogs I mentioned I’ve became close friends with some fellow student life leaders. With that being said I failed to mention that one of those friends is the PRESIDENT of PTK:) fancy right??? So, knowing myself I had to get more information on her for you and me! I want to introduce you all to a very good friend of mine Estefani Calle. Let’s get started !!!!!!

How did your presidency at PTK start? How long have you been a member? 

Estefani: As of right now I have been a PTK member for two years. I joined PTK in the fall of 2018 and became a VP of fellowship. After a year of being VP, I decided to go to the next level and run for president of PTK. In the spring of 2018 during the PTK induction one of the PTK members, Sagar Champagaingave a great speech. After listening about how he overcame all of his challenges, how successful he is, and his story about him being VP first then running for president, I felt the same way. I said to myself “I can do that too, I’m already involved in PTK so I should go to the next level which will help me with my leadership skills & I can learn more from that position and help new officers.” 

Looking ahead to when you graduate are you looking into universities that offer PTK scholarships?

EstefaniUnfortunately, the universities I am applying to only two offer me scholarships. Those schools are Goucher and UMBC. But I’m looking more into schools that don’t offer PTK scholarships. 

Other than PTK, are you part of any other clubs or organizations? 

EstefaniI am an FYE mentor, PTK president, honors member, part of the English conversation club, and the PSA club as well. 

Would you mind giving us a background of who you are?

EstefaniI am a Latina who came to the United States three years ago. I speak Spanish of course, I am from Ecuador. I am short but have a huge personality & temper as well. 

*Grace can testify to that^*

What are your future goals, let’s say 10 years from now? 

EstefaniI see myself as a criminal lawyer. I want to change the criminal justice system because I see that they are not prepared to help Latinas in this country. I want to be the link between vulnerable groups & the criminal justice system. My big dream is to have my own law firm in the future and do pro bono counseling for people who do not have the resources to afford a lawyer, I can help them. 

Any hidden talents or fun facts we should know about you? 

EstefaniI look really sweet but I am not. I’m bad at doing jokes. I try to but I am really sarcastic all the time, but some people don’t understand my sarcasm. I’m very hard to read. I can be okay but my face will tell you I’m upset or mad but I’m really not! I like every single sport but I am really bad at every single sport. I played every single sport as a kid but I was terrible. I can also sing, people don’t cry hahaha 

What is your most proud moment here @CCBC?

EstefaniHonestly being accepted for the summer research program at John’s Hopkins. I remember I got the email and I was jumping around and told my family. I replied to the email @11pm. I was so excited!!! Also when I got accepted in the spring of 2018 to do the alternative break. Those two times I felt like my efforts finally paid off. 

When will you be graduating, what’s your major, and one thing you’ll miss the most from CCBC?

EstefaniI will be graduating in the spring of 2020. My major is political science. One thing I will miss the most about CCBC is my friends. The first year was really hard here but I joined the honors program where I met my friend grace. I realized that I’m going to miss everyone so much because they made me feel so comfortable. I feel happy to come here. 

Crystal VP of PTK


This interview made me feel like a real-life reporter and I loved it! I got to sit down with Estefani at the PTK office along with Grace and it was honestly great. It feels good knowing that I have a lawyer friend in the making (sounds so weird to say but trust me it’s a perk)! Even before I interviewed Estefani I knew she was a hard-working woman, so I know those future goals are more than just attainable to her. I hope she gets into her top pick university and that the universe sends all the scholarships her way:) It’ll definitely be hard to say goodbye in the spring. I genuinely wish her more than the very best in life and that all her goals/dreams come true. Estefani keep being you because I haven’t met anyone like you and you’re just a great/kind person. The world honestly needs more people like her. ALSO, @Estefani thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to do this for me❤️


*If you’re interested in more info about what PTK does their office is located inside of the honors office*