WOOOHOOOOOO! It is officially the week of thanksgiving, and we get ourselves a 3-weekday break. May you be overly excited to stuff your face, spend time with family/friends, or just get time to relax, this week seemed so far away back in August. Image result for thinking about food gifBut look at us now, two weeks away from the semester being done and getting ready to, of course, take finals.

Nonetheless this has yet still been a strange semester. Somewhat of modern day norm but believe me still very strange. You may have felt like schooling was just simply getting work done and boom that’s it. But I am here to tell you that your college experience can be so much more than that. It could be making friends, learning a new skill, or even stepping out of your comfort zone to experience something you would have never imagined yourself doing. Of course, I am talking about the one and only; Student Life. 

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If you know me, you know that every end of the semester I have to shine light on what I may say is the best organization CCBC has to offer and that I am so grateful to be part of. I’m talking about you, Student Life! 

Where do I even start with Student Life? 

Maybe with the question of what is Student Life? 

Student Life is an organization built of 3 cohorts. Those 3 cohorts are Ambassadors, First Year Experience Mentor, and Student Government Association. But at the end of the day, we come together as one to form what is known as the culture of Student Life. We build upon each other to not only help out CCBC but also ourselves and members in the community. 

Whenever you ask anyone the biggest perk of student life is that it is a $PAID$ reimbursement position. You’re essentially being paid for the work that you do throughout the whole semester and at the end in a nice check that reflects the hours you put in during the semester for participating in Student life events. Another amazing perk is making lifelong friends. I have made friends through my many semesters as a student life leader that I am very grateful for. 

I am not sure what the Spring semester of 2022 will have in store for us. Maybe student life events will be more in person than virtual, or they may stay the same to be precautious of everyone’s health. Who knows honestly? But what I am able to share with you is that I will be back to fully being a student life ambassador! As I mentioned many blogs ago, I was only blogging but very sad I couldn’t help out with events. But as things have oh so surely changed in my life, I will be back in the spring semester! Maybe if you’re reading this and wonder hmmm should I join? Feel free to leave me a comment with all your questions and I will answer them to my best ability.  

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by to get involved in school. Application deadline to be a Student Life leader is due December 1st, 2021. I have provided the application which thoroughly goes into detail what each cohort does, and other requirements needed to successfully submit your application.  

Click link below 

Student Life Leadership Information/Application