It’s officially the last week of October and I am running extremely low on energy. All I want to do is sleep, eat, watch a good movie, and repeat. But then there’s classes, work, and life so I sadly can’t do what I want :(. But that’s why I’m here to let you know that you are not alone. Every classmate and friend I know who is currently taking classes feels the same way. Sluggish, lazy, running low on battery, you name it I’ve heard it hahaha. So, as a committee of tired students we must not give up now! We have one month and like 2 weeks to go till winter break:) &we have 4 weeks until Thanksgiving break:) Just keep thinking of it that way and I promise you time will fly faster.

Although we may be feeling tired, we should NEVER start to slack. Slacking is not the answer. Go outside, take a walk, or hang with a friend if needed but don’t leave school in the back burner. You don’t want to come back and find out you overcooked the broccoli you had boiling on the stove. You paid for the broccoli, you wanted the broccoli, your classes are the broccoli. So PLEASE, continue to keep up with your broccoli and schoolwork hahaha. If studying is getting too boring at this point of the semester try making a study group among some close classmates to spice things up. And if you’ve tried it all but nothing is working, vent to somebody. I think venting is one of the best things in life and if you can’t find someone to vent to, I personally consider myself a Grade A ventee, really I’m all ears:) (find me somewhere in the Essex campus)

If I can leave you with something to think of is that what we are feeling right now is temporary. Which may sound silly, but I felt the same way last spring semester and thought it would never end. But now I look back and I genuinely laugh at those memories of me being so tired and constantly complaining wishing for summer break. Trust me, last semester was extremely rough compared to this one. So, I know someone out there may be feeling how I felt. Those feelings will pass, and life will continue to move on. Just keep reminding yourself ANOTHER DAY MEANS ONE LESS DAY. Pass the class this semester with the best grade you can get so you won’t have to retake it, but if you have to it’s OKAY & it’s FINE. Life happens and as humans we learn from our mistakes. I BELIEVE IN YOU and I want the best for you 🙂 Best wishes to all of you guys!!!