As midterms start approaching us these following weeks, what a better way to distract your brain for a few moments and watching a YouTube video? Top Jaw Drop Stickers for Android & iOS | Gfycat

A youtube video starring ME for the first time ever and my good friend Angel! This is my first time ever making a Youtube video but Angel told me it was pretty simple so I was like let’s do it, so we did it.

I want to introduce you all to CCBC’S President of the Environmental and Gardening Club;

Angel Sarabia

Please enjoy by simply clicking on the play button;

I just wanted to say thank you to Angel again for taking time away from doing his homework and allowing me to bother him with this interview. It’s an indescribable feeling to see people like me in these scientific fields and feeling proud. I know for a fact that he will succeed at anything he puts his mind to. And I’m posting the blog today October the 5th in honor of his 22nd birrrrrfdayCongratulaions GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

So if you see him today make sure to wish him a happy birthday! I hope you all enjoyed our YouTube video, it was very spontaneous but I am glad I got my exam done early and ran into him in the hallway. I feel like everything happens for a reason and this one by far has been one of my favorite interviews I’ve ever done. I could give you guys the real insight feeling of my mannerism but also the person I was interviewing. It was raw, real, and none the less not edited (because I have no idea how to edit videos). So we may have not been positioned the greatest or the audio may not be the clearest but I am very proud of this piece of work. OH another thing the Eustis building has like state of the art rooms to study/do homework and they’re 10/10 highly recommended!