Community Book Connection Student Showcase Still Accepting Work

Paige Passantino

CCBC’s Community Book Connection offers an exciting opportunity for students during a time of remote learning. Students are invited to continue submitting work for the CBC Student Showcase, which has now moved entirely online. Pieces will also be considered to be presented at the Professional Development Conference in May. 

The Community Book Connection, or CBC, is a program designed with the intention of highlighting connections between literacy, education, and social awareness. This past year, the CBC has seen Threads: From the Refugee Crisis, a graphic novel by Kate Evans, explored in various avenues.

Students who have participated in studying Threads are invited to submit work to be considered for the Student Showcase. The working group is accepting work from all disciplines: essays, research projects, PowerPoint presentations, paintings, drawings, photos, fiction, poetry, video clips, music, and any other work related to Threads. This is an amazing chance for students to share their personal experience and reaction to Threads; also, a great project to work on from home and stay engaged while social distancing. 

The showcase will be featured on the CBC website and possibly displayed at the Professional Development Conference in May, a very special two hour event with presentations and a reception celebrating the variety of cultural responses and reflections.

Submissions for the online showcase will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the semester, but to be chosen for the PDC, students must submit by Friday, April 24. The Dundalk Art Gallery exhibit portion of the Student Showcase will now be featured on The Galleries at CCBC’s website: . 

Next year’s Community Book will be The Truth About Stories by Native writer and storyteller Thomas King; it is a collection of essays focusing on Native American traditions, culture, and struggles. The CBC looks forward to bringing light to these important aspects of American history, and they hope to see your Threads: From the Refugee Crisis submissions soon! 

Check out to submit, or email for more information. Remember, stay home and stay safe!


Untitled - Tania Gonzalez
From the artist: “The piece tells a story of bravery, courage, and sacrifice that many migrants, including my parents who immigrated at a young age to America, make. They leave their homes and family behind to have a better future not only for them, but for future generations.”


Trees - Caroline Pence
From the artist: ““Trees” was created from my interest in my roots and where my family comes from, mainly Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Poland and the United States of America… [The piece] consists of 6 individual weavings of acrylic yarn in color ways that reflect the colors of the national flags of the countries stated above. The weavings are held on the wall with thumbtacks and red yarn that acts as a timeline from one country to another symbolizing the journeys and sacrifices that were taken that leads into my generation.” 


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