Get Ready for the Midterm Elections

Gianna Stephens

Infographic by Mass Media Student, Emma Booth

The Texas primary elections were held this week but the general midterm election in the United States is Tuesday, Nov. 8. Marylanders are expected to vote for a new governor and other local leaders

in the state.

Gov. Larry Hogan (R) was elected in 2014 and was re-elected four years later. He can no longer run for governor due to term limits.

Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski Jr. (D) is seeking re-election after being elected in 2018 and he hopes to improve the county in several ways.

Olszewski told The Baltimore Sun, “We have invested record funding in our schools. We’ve made our government more open, accessible and transparent than ever before, and we’re leaning into the values of diversity, equity, inclusion and sustainability and embedding them in all of our decision-making.”

Many students at the Community College of Baltimore County are expected to vote this year. Some students are unsure who to vote for but they want to make sure that the state and county continue to improve.

“There are a few things that elected candidates can do to make Maryland a better place,” CCBC Student Jordan Leon said. “Make it (MD) more affordable to live, fix the roads, and try to lower the crime rate.”

Some Marylanders believe that mask mandates should remain in place because of the spread of COVID-19 after several counties lifted mandates in early March.

Many students also support the idea of community college being tuition free. CCBC currently has a tuition free program if students are qualified, but some want tuition free community college to be a law in the entire state of Maryland.

Infographic by Mass Media Student, Sahar Bashar

Advocates see this as a way to help students develop the motivation to go to college instead of worrying only about the debt that they may take on once graduating. The accumulation of debt through loans is identified by experts as a main reason why many students drop out of college.

Student Davina Jenkins said, “I support free community college because students can learn about what career they (want to) focus on and what their future is.”

In the era of streaming and social media, we have a variety of news sources to rely on to learn more information about this upcoming election such as which candidates are running and updated polls.

Sources like CBS News Streaming (formerly known as CBSN) and CBS News Baltimore (formerly CBSN Baltimore) are sources to find information about the election. Some would rather watch TV networks or traditional news to get their election information as CNN is a network known for its election coverage.

“If I am watching the election, I will be watching it on CNN,” Leon said.

The Maryland primary election is on Tuesday, June 28. The primary election is important because if a candidate wins a primary, that means they win the election for their own party and then they have to go face to face with the other party’s candidate for the general election in November.

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