Alumni Spotlight

 Carleigh Kidwell ‘21

Degree(s)/Major(s): AS, Biology                                          

Current profession/pursuits: Optometrist

Who influenced you most during your time at CCBC?  My mom influenced me the most during my time at CCBC.  She supported me throughout my academic journey.  Whenever it became difficult, she reminded me about my ultimate goals and encouraged me to continue the journey ahead.  She helped me to keep pushing forward to success.

How did your education at CCBC prepare you for what you are doing today?  CCBC was a great stepping stone in my academic journey.  I transferred to Towson University this fall.  Completing credits at CCBC propelled me forward so that I could enter Towson as a junior.  CCBC gave me a solid foundation of science courses that I will ultimately need for optometry school.


What advice would you give current students or recent grads interested in pursuing a career in your professional field?  My advice is to take advantage of the additional help offered by CCBC and your professors.  Also, develop connections with your professors and CCBC faculty.  Pursuing a career in STEM can be very difficult.  My professors were a great help to me during office hours, and I learned so much more by connecting with them and becoming more involved with my classes.

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