Racial Terrorism: Hybrid Learning Community Experience

11 students participated in a 6-credit English Literature and Sociology hybrid learning community. The learning community began on June 4 and ended on July 12, 2019 and included a one week trip visiting historic sites mostly in the Southern United States. While the theme of the course was racial terrorism, additional topics in Sociology included: culture, scientific racism, systemic racism, immigration, history and influence of hip hop, mass incarceration, the media’s impact on minority groups, the death penalty, and naming patterns among cultures. The following topics were covered in the English Literature course: imagery of The South, themes of memory, truth-telling and resistance, the legacy of dehumanizing images and caricatures during Jim Crow and Segregation, and the reclamation of images in music, film and art.

A critical component of the course and experience was introduced by Professor Kendrick Kenney, Coordinator of the Digital Media Production Program. Professor Kenny assisted students with the creation of their video logs (VLOGS). Each student submitted 4 VLOGS that detailed their travel experiences in Alabama and Georgia. Professor Kenney also assisted with capturing students’ experiences while traveling with interviews and created a repository of pictures and videos for future use.
For the next seven weeks we will be posting the vlogs created by the students involved so we can share in their experiences.
For more information about this course please contact Adrianne Washington, Assistant Professor, Sociology (awashington2@ccbcmd.edu) .

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