Resist Fast Food & Cook at Home

Matt Maras

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Followed closely behind the air we breathe, the food we eat (our diet) is overlooked by many individuals despite the important role it plays in healthy living.  If saving money and eating better are on the agenda, preparing meals at home is an easy solution with countless benefits.

Cheap, easy, and fast is too often the name of the game for food standards.  This poorly set norm is evident by the abundance of McDonald’s restaurants and comparable eateries all across the world.  Despite the convenience of eating out, preparing one’s own food can be healthier, cheaper, and more rewarding than “fast food,” without causing too much inconvenience.

The beauty, in preparing one’s own food, is the ability to pick and choose exactly what is to be eaten.  Recipes can be simple or challenging, and most importantly, catered to one’s favorite tastes.  Not every meal or snack needs to be a course that the world’s meanest chef, Gordon Ramsey, would approve.

Considering that eating is done several times a day, and that not everyone has the time to devote to complex recipes, the act of preparing food at home can be viewed as an enjoyable hobby with a practical purpose.

Creating meals at home, which require more than boiling water or that do not come in a box might seem to be a daunting task.  Luckily, many healthy foods are actually simple and easy to prepare.  For those diving into home cooking for the first time, "superfoods," or foods densely packed with nutrients, are an ideal place to begin the search for new recipe ingredients.

A list of 50 superfoods, compiled by, highlights common foods, such as apples, pineapples, and almonds as superior snacking foods.

Breakfast superfoods on the list, include: yogurt, oatmeal, and a variety of fruits.

Lunch and dinner superfoods consist of suggestions, such as spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, salmon, and chicken.  Many of these foods can be eaten separately, or combined to make healthy meal options with the aid of recipes found in health conscious recipe guides or online at websites, such as 

When in doubt, foods that are not processed, are natural, or are the classics such as fruits and vegetables will be the healthiest of all.  Although some people go overboard with eating healthy, there is no set rules, and catering a diet to an individual’s needs and pallet is a bonus of making food at home.

Although the general public is bombarded with campaigns to eat healthy, thoughts of salads and vegetables that we were forced to eat as children, usually come to mind.  Salad and greens may not be everyone’s favorite foods, but a benefit of preparing meals at home is the wide variety of dishes and endless meal choices that one can make.  Many favorite dishes found at restaurants can be made at home with healthier options and without tasting like cardboard.  A simple place to start is substituting butter with olive oil.

It is said that a habit can be broken or formed in six weeks and that hobbies last a lifetime.  Based on those two sayings, one might therefore conclude that if people could commit to a six week challenge of researching, preparing, and eating healthy meals at home, the very same would be gaining a life-long hobby.


  1. Jordan Johnson 15 March, 2019 at 13:13 Reply

    I agree with most of this article.I do think it is not exactly cheaper to eat healthy when a burger at McDonald’s cost less than a bag of veggies. I do think in America particularly that this is one of the main reasons that we have an obesity problem. Instead of worrying about dumb walls the president needs to address this issue that is slowly killing the country.

  2. Kailea 17 March, 2019 at 13:43 Reply

    Even though it might be tempting to go to McDonald’s or Chick fil A, it’s good to make sure that you eat healthy and be conscious of how much your spending on your food. It’s really hard giving up fast food for some people because it’s cheap and convenient, but there are more pro’s than con’s to making meals at home. Making your meals at home is nutritional, cheaper, and practical. Having a budget so you know how much you want to spend on groceries is definitely a good strategy to implement. If you think about it there are so many choices as to how you want to make your meals the way you like them. For example, a good dinner choice would be salmon and some grilled seasoned peppers. This is a healthy meal filled with protein and nutrients, you can also choose to give your vegetables some flavor by adding seasonings. I think it’s good to recognize that preparing your own meals can be a hobby. I love cooking at home because I’m a foodie and I love trying new foods both healthy and non- healthy. Cooking is very therapeutic for me it helps me relax.

  3. Janae Morris 17 March, 2019 at 23:44 Reply

    After reading this article I can’t say I’m not inspired to go out and try to eat a little healthier. I do however, work at chick-fil-a which makes it harder to justify me paying more for fewer groceries. Though there are other options and different steps I could take to change my eating patterns. This was a great article and it raised somethings to my attention, I will be doing more research on this topic.

  4. Alyssa Gladden 6 May, 2019 at 17:57 Reply

    I agree with the articles opinions. I personally love to cook and do it frequently. I didn’t realize till after reading this all the health benefits that goes along with it as well. Not only can you customize your food to reflect your personal taste but you also know exactly what’s in your food.

  5. Rakeem Bowdry 12 May, 2019 at 21:26 Reply

    It seems as if prices or getting expensive for everything now. It’s been a while since I have eaten any fast food. It’s not like I cannot afford it, but I rather save the money when I can make my own food at home. For instance, I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in so long because I enjoy making my own burgers with ground beef or ground turkey in my freezer. I sliced my own potatoes to make french fries.

    I’m still incredulous about how expensive it is to eat healthy and organic foods. Most people would be better off gardening and cropping their own Foods. Love the article!

  6. Madison Hill 13 May, 2019 at 09:09 Reply

    Cooking at home is so such a fun a rewarding task! I love to cook honestly cooking has become one on my “to good of a excuse to ignore” when is comes to procrastinating.

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