Julian's Rockin' Radio Podcast: 70's Metal

Julian_Recording_70MetalMass Communication student and New Media Collective (NMC) member, Julian Johnson, recorded the club's first podcast series this semester (Spring 2017).  His podcast will focus on "all things rock".  For his first 4 part series, Julian discussed 1970's Heavy Metal  with Frankie G,  Baltimore Studio Musician and Teacher.  Click on the links below to listen (the link will take you to SoundCloud).

Part 1 1970's Metal: Frankie G and Julian talk about what makes a band "Metal" and 70's Metal cool facts. (7:42)

Part 2 1970's Metal:  Find out which is better according to Frankie G and Julian, British or American 70's Metal and hear some recent news regarding 70's Metal musicians. (12:20)

Part 3 1970's Metal: Listen to Frankie G play and discuss famous riffs from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest! (11:17)

Part 4 1970's Metal:  Learn more about the influence of 70's Metal as Frankie G plays riffs from White Snake, Tony Iommi, Van Halen, Nazareth, Kix, and Motorhead. (8:47)

Let us know what you learned or questions you have about Metal in the Comments below.  Join Julian in the Fall 2017 semester as he delves into 80's Metal!

To download a transcript of these podcasts click here:  70_Heavy_Metal_Transcript

Special thanks to Frankie G for producing the audio and writing the theme music for Julian's Rockin' Radio Podcast!

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  1. Alisia Baptist 7 December, 2018 at 16:42 Reply

    I will definitely be listening to a few of these podcast. Wonder if theres a connection between Frankie G and Alex G?

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