Parking Predicament

Dalton Swanger

CATONSVILLE, MD – Everyone has those mornings. Those mornings where you’re running late or traffic is going slower than usual or a long night turns into a long morning. As you are rushing to class in the morning, the last thing you want to do is struggle to find parking.

Students expecting to find parking quickly and easily close to their class building are soon mistaken by students who arrive when school first opens. With classes beginning as early as 8a.m. on weekdays, students begin filling the most convenient spots right away.

Parking has always been an issue at CCBC as cars are slowly following students throughout the parking lot just to see if that student is leaving. Cars are parking in the most obscure and illegal spots throughout campus because of the inability to find parking spaces.

CCBC student Tyler Merritt student said, “Every day after my morning classes I can count on at least three cars asking me if I’m leaving and following me to my car.”

The parking lots that are filled the most by morning classes are the ones next to the Math and Sciences Hall (MASH) and the ones located next to the Library and Athletic Center. These lots fill every spot possible.

Students that have a late start class are required to park in lots on the other side of campus close to the athletic fields, and walk to their classes. Measurements say the closest class building besides the Athletic Center and Library is about a half mile.

Some students even take the risk of parking in red parking spaces, also known as teacher only spaces, which is a quick $35 fine. “I park in teacher spaces at least two times a week because parking lots are always full,” said Manny Jimenez, a 2-year CCBC student.

Although parking spots cannot be changed or altered in any way, CCBC has made efforts to make the parking spaces further away more compatible with students by adding solar panels closer to the athletic fields.

These solar panels add a protectant from weather and supply the school with cheaper electric power throughout campus. These spaces, although farther away from class buildings, are rarely filled and highly secured. Campus police constantly monitors these spaces because of the solar panels.

“I always park underneath the solar panels by the baseball field, I leave my car there all day and never have had any problems,” CCBC athlete Michael Patton says. “I have always had to park there and I don’t mind at all.”

Although seems like a far walk for most people, some enjoy the walk from the far parking lot to school because of the scenery. “I honestly don’t mind the walk at all, only sometimes when it’s cold, but usually I just look around because the view is nice,” said student Nathan Munyan.

Some people see the glass half full and some see the glass half empty. The easy way of parking is usually always full, but there should always be available parking on campus. Students just have to drive around and find a parking spot that works for them.

The parking spaces cannot be changed, but the way students find parking and make the best of situations can. Hopefully everyone makes it to their classes on time.

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  1. Ben Crouch 31 October, 2017 at 11:25 Reply

    Parking can be good and it can be bad, it depends on where you want to park and at what time. If you get to school past 10, you’re screwed. If you arrive at 9, you’re okay. 8 is the best time, but no one wants an 8 A.M. class.

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