The First 100 Days

John Banks IV

*Articles reflect the views of the author and or those quoted and do not necessarily represent the views of CCBC or the CCBC Connection.

Over the past four months we have seen an astonishing turn of events not only for America but for the world as well. Over the course of the 2017 Presidential Campaign slander, mudslinging, and serious topics have emerged through harsh criticism and legal controversy. During the election, President Trump faced over twenty allegations from women stepping forward through the course of three decades reporting how he allegedly made sexual advances towards them. However, all that became insignificant when Mr. Trump won the presidency.

As soon as Mr. Trump began his first day in office, he set forth laws that had a ripple affect worldwide. Some actions were: deconstructing Obamacare, permitting the XL Pipe Line, setting forth a battle plan to defeat the Islamic State in Middle Eastern countries, and so on. Slowly tackling issues that he stated while in his campaign. The executive order to ban foreigners from selected countries from having access to America was also a major campaign promise.

Whether you voted for him or not the general public seems to all agree that this election and presidency have been unprecedented.

It has been over two months since Mr. Trump signed the executive order to ban travel from certain countries with known ties to Islam. In an article posted by CNN Trump said, “I am establishing new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America."

The ban has been in effect for over 48 days out of the 120 day reach, and is seen by many to further divide the ties the world has with America. At the time of publication, Trump recently revised the immigration policy with an updated plan released to the public on Monday, March 6.

Those who oppose Mr. Trump’s executive orders to ban the flow of immigration have had passionate responses towards it. People from different socio-economic backgrounds, races, and mindsets have described how they feel towards the ban. There is a mixture of hate and at the same time devotion towards the people who’ve been affected.

An email sent out by the CEO of Lyft, demonstrates that particular company’s strongly held agreement that the travel ban set forth by Mr. Trump is against the basic human rights set forth by the constitution that all men are created equal.

He said, “Banning people of a particular faith or creed, race or identity, sexuality or ethnicity, from entering the U.S. is antithetical to both Lyft's and our nation's core values. We stand firmly against these actions, and will not be silent on issues that threaten the values of our community.”

Over the course of the next four years Lyft is donating $1 Million towards the American Civil Liberties Union to help preserve and provide liberty towards everyone who is in the country.

In the middle of all the known chaos CCBC stands as a “country” on its own. Students and Faculty stand together from different races, backgrounds, and cultures as a community.

In a survey done around the college towards students: 58/100 stated how they feel that the ban is inhumane towards these innocent people. 32/100 thought it was not “justice” that was happening but agreed with his policies, and 10/100 were not sure.

Words such as “worried,” “concerned,” “ignorant,” and other harsh terms followed through the student population. Some professors thought in a more serious light.

Philosophy Professor Nick Van Horn went into a more in-depth reasoning behind the ban.
“The question of justice – is it just to deprive people from entering our nation especially if they are fleeing a civil war and need refuge? Is there any single answer on the matter? I don’t think there is. There are competing moral values at work here that can’t be sorted out in any objective manner. Some who believe in isolationism and take a more Egoistic, Nietzschean and Randian approach to politics would unequivocally say, ‘it is not anyone’s right to be welcomed into our nation.’ Yet many more theories suggest that we ought to help others, whether that is to maximize the overall happiness in the world, or because we believe that every human has inherent dignity, or because we believe that doing so helps us cultivate virtuous traits that are essential for living a good life and producing a harmonious society.”

Dr. Patricia Quintero-Hall, head of The Multi-Cultural Society, thought of this as an outcry to the American people. “It literally makes me sick to my stomach. After hearing his remarks about women including his daughter is upsetting.”

When asked how she feels about the current changes to immigration, she said, “Imagine the pain and frustration being that person. Keep in mind that these folks were already vetted- prepared for their journey- their dream within reach and ‘bam,’ they are told ‘nope, go back where you came from.’”

However, on the other end of the spectrum there are some individuals who believe that Mr. Trump’s executive orders are what is best for the country. In an over the phone interview with Trump supporter Joseph Persighen he offers a different light to what the country sees as a catastrophe.

Persighen said, “The travel ban is aiding us believe it or not. Many people who come illegally to this country and give birth take money directly out of our pay checks.”

On average American’s lose between 6-37% of annual money from their paystubs to pay for Medicare. This may help explain Persighen’s passionate reasoning towards supporting the ban.
There are many others who feel the same. In a recent survey, when asked in a local mall how they felt about money being taken out of their own checks for paying for undocumented aliens 77/100 agreed with Mr. Trump’s ban.

Whether the country is for or against everything Mr. Trump does as our president, we the people must deal with it for the next four years. If everyone would stop saying, “He’s not my president” or calling him a “racist”, it may lead to a positive move forward. Many still cannot believe the 2017 Presidential election actually happened but whatever occurs from now on will continue to shape a new beginning for The United States.

A wise man once said:
“A lesson without pain is meaningless. For you cannot gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But once you have recovered it and made it your own... You will gain an irreplaceable full metal heart." Edward Elric.

We as a nation need to unite so we do not lose ourselves more in the process.

*Articles reflect the views of the author and or those quoted and do not necessarily represent the views of CCBC or the CCBC Connection.

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