What is the CCBC ONE Card?


Dana Metz

Every semester students return to campus and everything seems the same. We have the same teachers, the same set- up, the same schedules. But this semester we have a new addition to our normal everyday campus life with The CCBC ONE Card. Many students have been wondering just what is this new ONE card and how and why should they use it? Well, we at The CCBC Connection decided to explain some of the perks of this new CCBC student resource.

The ONE Card is cool with a great looking logo, great picture placement, and great colors, but what does it do?

Well, the card actually can do a lot to make your life easier on campus. You can buy food, use the vending machines without change or dollar bills, go to the bookstore and buy supplies, check into CCBC events, pay for copies and printing at the library, or even ride the shuttle.  The biggest question other than the function of the card, is why do we even have it?

“The card is so much easier than using money for the vending machine, but honestly it makes buying lunch everyday a whole lot easier,” said Lamar Porter, a freshman student in the drug dependency counseling program. “The school should’ve done this a while ago. Instead of spending 5 minutes in line, I spend like 2 minutes in line."

The other big question is why did CCBC decide to make the ONE Card and will it really make a difference? The answer is yes! So far it has proven to make a difference in a positive way. The lunch line moves quicker, the copy machine isn't such a pain, and the shuttle rides are easier to access without students having to spend time finding the exact amount or over spending on a monthly pass when they may not need it.

Many students are unaware of all the extras that come with the ONE Card, and others just do not utilize them. You can actually go to the google play store and even download the app for the ONE Card. What it has done is brought CCBC into the present day in terms of student-based resources.

The CCBC website does give specific instructions on how to use the card. I myself have downloaded the app and it is a very great way to utilize the extras of the ONE Card.

"The ONE Card makes the normal day go a little bit faster." Said Student Gary Watson. "I love the fact I do not have to dig for change at the printer in the library."

“The fact that I can check my balance for my book credit online is so much easier than having to go to student services and ask or calling Financial Aid,” stated Jessica Palmer, a second year student at the Dundalk campus.

The fact is the ONE Card has improved life for the students as well as the staff at CCBC. We no longer have a student ID without a purpose. We actually have an ID that enables us to move faster from lunch, to the bookstore, coffee shops, and the printers and any student here knows that the less time you have to waste in between the classes the better.

Parents can load money onto the card from the app or online, and that gives many parents piece of mind knowing that their children have what they need. For the adult students it also allows them to know exactly what they are spending and budget easily for the semester.

CCBC did a great job with the new student ID cards and everyone seems pleased with the ease of obtaining and using them. As new additions become available we here at The CCBC Connection will keep you informed. For now though try out the ONE Card and if you do not have one yet then please go to Student Services and get the new card. It will make your day move a little bit faster.

*Articles reflect the views of the author and or those quoted and do not necessarily represent the views of CCBC or the CCBC Connection.

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