CCBC Honors program

Vance Tinkler

The new semester has begun which means the weather is changing and everyone will be going back to their school routine. Along with every new semester comes new beginnings not just for students but staff also.

CCBC Dundalk’s Honors Program is starting anew this semester with Adrienne Washington as the Honors Director. She has been teaching at CCBC since 2008, first starting as an adjunct then later on becoming full-time faculty in 2014.

“It means attention to scholarship, really taking serious students and helping them to become successful, and I think reducing some of the stigma of the Honors Program as well,” said Washington when asked, “what does the Honors Program mean to you?”

Students are needed for positions on the Honors Council, an executive board within the program. Students that join the Honors program, who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and demonstrate strong initiative are recommended to become a part of the Honors Council.

As a former Honors President, I can say that being a part of the Honors Council is hard work but it is rewarding. It requires participation of all members to make sure that each activity or event goes smoothly. Attending a successful event and watching students enjoy themselves is the most rewarding part because you know you've done your job right.

The Honors Program has an office at every CCBC campus and offers great opportunities for everyone within the program. Students that graduate with “honors” have guaranteed admission to in-state universities, gain scholarships for taking honors classes, and have access to honors centers for study.

It's not all hard work within the Honors program. Throughout the semester there are many activities for students to take part in and enjoy themselves.

“Every semester we take trips to other colleges and take campus tours,” said CCBC Student Ashley S. “I love this because I get to take the day off from classes for a field trip and when I travel to different campuses I am able to attend the events and see what other schools are like.”

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