In the spirit of International Women’s Day my blog this week is about all the beautiful women in my life. The number one woman is my mom. She is behind  everything I accomplished. I inherited all the virtues, beliefs, and good qualities from her. She is a good example of a strong determined woman who knows exactly what her rights are and knows how to demand them. I love you mom with all my heart thank you for all the endless love and support you always give me. There is not enough words to thank you for what you continue to give. Mother’s Day is coming soon in the Middle East. It’s on March 21. I think it’s amazing that it’s during Women’s History Month. I always ask my children to give me a gift on March 21 in celebration of Mothers Day and that way I get to have double the gifts in one year.

To all the amazing women in my life, my grandmother, my mother, my aunts, my sisters, my daughters, my friends, my teachers, and my professors thank you for being your amazing self and for being part of my life. You all helped shape the woman I became.

Who are the special women in your life?

Until next time my friends,