The holidays are coming and people are not certain how to celebrate this year. Everything has changed due to COVID and the way to celebrate our holidays is not excluded. My holiday is Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate by fasting during the day and praying during the night. This year, for the first time in history Muslims from all around the globe were not able to celebrate their holy month the way they have been celebrating for hundreds of years.

All mosques were closed and no one was allowed to perform the beautiful night prayer, which they have been waiting for all year. Families and friends were not allowed to gather to break their fast together, which was the tradition in celebrating the spirit of Ramadan for hundreds of years. This was so difficult, especially for those who live alone and have no one to break their fast and celebrate Ramadan with.

Muslims needed to adapt to a whole new way of celebrating Ramadan this year. They came up with new and creative ideas to stay connected during  Ramadan. They realized it’s not about the place or the way you celebrate your favorite holiday. While they didn’t have the external affect to help them feel the holiday spirit like the mosque or gathering together, they turned to the internal affect. They realized that the spirit of Ramadan is inside – in their hearts. They found a different way to celebrate Ramadan and to keep the Ramadan spirit alive.

In this holiday season, I would like to wish everyone a happy and warm holiday. No matter how you are celebrating this year, always remember that the holiday spirit is in your heart. You may not be able to celebrate the holidays the way you have been celebrating for years, but you will be able to create a different way of celebrating the holidays and keep the holiday spirit alive. 

Until next time my friends,