Hello friends and happy Friday!


If you’ve been at CCBC for a few years, you probably remember the annual Aquarium Night. Thanks to COVID, we haven’t had this awesome activity for a few years but it’s back.


To me, the aquarium night feels like a school trip where you and all your friends get to let loose, have some fun, and forget about school for a few hours.


Yes, I know we’re all students on a budget so what’s great about this is that you don’t have to pay full price because CCBC tickets are free for students and only $1 for anyone else – not to be dramatic, but $1…!!!!!!!


Make sure to stop by the Student Life Office at any of the three main campuses to get your ticket. Hurry before they run out of tickets.


p.s. make sure you stop by the ambassadors and say hello, I hope to see you there.


See you next week!