Hello friends and happy Friday! I wanted to share a little about myself and give you a little insight into my time at CCBC.


This is *fingers crossed* my last year at CCBC. Be on the lookout for your unofficial favorite blogger walking across that commencement stage in the summer.


I am 22 years old, and I have been at CCBC for 4 years now. I got my Associate’s in General Studies before coming back for Nursing.


When I’m not working an event on campus, representing the ambassadors in our famous blue. You can usually find me at the Eustis building – in class, in a study room, in lab, or in simulation (help…).


Officially, “the Nursing Program at CCBC is the premier, learning-centered, Associate Degree Nursing Program in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area.”

“The nursing graduate is educated in a learning-centered environment, which is committed to optimal use of available resources and emphasizes the diversity of the surrounding community. Additionally, graduates are prepared to enter the health care workforce and are eligible for licensure as a registered nurse. Congruent with the CCBC mission, a commitment to lifelong learning and educational mobility is fostered through the curriculum.”


Unofficially (from me), the nursing program is where you will have some of the best and most difficult times of your life. You will get all the in-class and clinical experience you need to become a qualified nurse, but you will also meet some of the best people and make lifelong friendships.


If you’re interested…


Registered Nursing Info Sessions

Monday, October 3, 5:00 PM-6:30 PM | Catonsville campus

Student Services Center (SSRV) | Room 004

The Registered Nursing program on the Catonsville campus is holding an information session for prospective applicants. Program directors, faculty…


Registered Nursing Info Sessions

Tuesday, October 4, 5:00 PM-6:30 PM | Essex campus

Carol Diane Eustis Center for Health Professions (ECHP) | Room 212

The Registered Nursing program on the Catonsville campus is holding an information session for prospective…


See you next week!