Do you ever just get bored? I don’t mean when you have a particularly not very interesting Professor and you zone out during class or when you have an unexpected off day and you can’t be bothered to be productive and so you label yourself as bored. No that’s not the kind of boredom I mean, instead I mean, do you ever just look at yourself and are startled by the mundane day to days of your life.


I went through this week completely forgetting that I had to blog and when 15 minutes before going to sleep, as I reached for my lamp light on Thursday evening, I suddenly remembered I grabbed my iPad and thought about what to write except my week had been just like every other week before. I woke up at the same time, went to sleep at the same time, ate the same thing for breakfast, got on the light rail then the bus and repeat. Everyday the same.


So what do I write about then. Do I write something motivational to help get you through your day or do I be honest about how bored I am. But then what do I get out of venting on a blog? Nothing other than a messy not well thought out, multiple paged essay that no one wants to read.


Do I write about how I am bored and that there is nothing I can do about it because that’s life, well if you’ve been following along on my blogs you know about my love of novels and ending a ‘story’ by giving it no answer isn’t very pleasing to the reader. So then I have to think of a solution for myself. So what’s the solution to being completely bored of the life you are living? I can’t change anything about my day to day because I have to wake up at the same time to get on the bus and get to school on time and I have to go to all of my classes (even though to be completely honest, I am beginning to dislike my major). Do I join a club? Well funny thing about opportunities like that is I often find myself making excuses to get out of socializing even when I know it could benefit me or add some value to my life.


So? What do I do? I guess just keep living my life and trying to get through the difficult days by distracting myself with something that at the very least makes me smile. For example, this semester, I decided to take a photography class and that forces me to get out of the house even when I don’t want to so that I cannot label myself as bored because I am doing something. It also turns out, I really enjoy taking photos. I am in a way socializing but I am also free to roam around the world completely unbothered and without having to think about anything else. If anything this is a sufficient enough distraction but also a source of joy in the other wise mundane.


So do you ever just get bored? Well I’m going to be a terrible ‘novelist’ and end today’s story without a definite answer. I don’t know what to do to make myself see the value in my life but nobody knows all the answers and I guess I’ll figure out as I go along.