Do you know what an acronym is? Of course you do, we use them everyday. Acronyms are used to abbreviate long phrases. They are used in school, on social media, in text messages. Because they are so popular, I became curious of where acronyms came from and the history of some popular ones like RBF.

The acronym phenomenon ‘RBF’ became popular in 2013 with its widespread use on social media. I came to discover this word a few years ago, probably on instagram. At the time, I laughed and thought that it was relatable and began to accept that I too suffered from the infamous RBF.

While the term became popularized on SNS, I found myself relating it back to phrases that I’d heard my whole life such as: “You should smile more.” “Why do you look so mean?” “You must be in a bad mood.” These phrases pretty much sum up my childhood and teenage years (in other words my whole life). Over time, I have become so accustomed to people commenting on what a bad mood I am in despite me saying otherwise, that I have in a way come to accept my RBF.

To be honest, I absolutely do have a RBF but you know maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

What are some popular acronyms that you use?

p.s. I promise I’m friendly.