I don’t like my teachers… this is a statement I hear very often from students and I cringe so hard every time. Awhile ag0, my math professor wisely said; I don’t care if you like me or not, I care if you pass this class so you better like me enough to pass. (I might be paraphrasing). “Hating” your teachers only helps you fail a class. It does not help you have an open mind about the professor or the class which will only affect your grade negatively. I used to use “rate my professor” sometimes to read what some people are saying about a teacher I would like to take and I had to teach myself not to rely on people’s opinions. People are obviously hurt and portray that pain on their teachers and while I understand that some teachers have strict rules, I feel like people forget that we are in college and wait for their teachers to baby them.

Allow me to put this into perspective for you from my personal experience. I took anatomy and physiology with a teacher that I honestly found amazing, so much so, I decided to take them again for another biology class. When I told some of the people that took the same teacher with me, they raved about how much they didn’t like their teaching and how they made the class difficult. They even tried to talk me out of taking the second biology class. Now, why would I not take a teacher that obviously helped me not just pass a very challenging class but helped me understand the human body in ways I never thought I could. I watched these students come into class late every day or not at all yet they blamed the teacher. That was when I realized that we cannot always believe what people say about teachers because two people can be in the same class and have very different experiences.

As the semester comes to an end, there really isn’t much we can do about our teachers or our grades but we have a second chance next semester.

The time has come to register for the next semester and all we can do is restructure our minds and keep them open to change, because not every teacher or student is alike. We need to learn to adapt to these changes because like I have said a million times in this post, disliking your teachers does more harm to do than it does them. Choose a teacher, stick with them, do your work and pass your class.


I feel like this is a very aggressive blog but I think we need to take responsibility and stop blaming our teachers because they honestly work so hard to help us.