I worked at an event on Saturday and my fellow ambassador said he thought my blogs were deep and I should be a creative writing major. First off, I am sorry for every creative writing major out there because to be compared to you is just downright disrespectful. Second, I mean… bless your soul but what? I am proud that I have been able to trick people to think that I am even a remotely good writer but since you said it, I decided to trick my brain as well into thinking that I am a poet. I am literally dying laughing at myself but here goes nothing;


What happens when we die

Where does our faith lie

And even when we die

Who remains faithful to us


We remain oblivious of the life we live

Take our lives for granted 

We forget our drive

And give into the unwanted


When people think little of us

And expect nothing of us

We do our best to prove them wrong 

Hoping to end our lives strong 


So when we die

Our reputation lives on

That we don’t live a lie

And regret it when we reach the finish line 


Fun fact; I typed this in less than 10 minutes during testimonies at church. I find this really comedic and that is why I am posting it. I am not having a career crisis lol, being there, done that. In Nigeria, they made me take all the classes from different majors and I took a creative writing class. I absolutely hated writing poems so I wish I could be a poet or a good writer but just not in this lifetime. Sorry to let you down Fernando lmao. 

Also, this might also be inspired by the new Apple TV plus show; Dickinson. It’s so good and well, I guess I am a poet? No? OK fine.





This is actually embarrassing LOL