YAY! We all survived two whole weeks of online school. I don’t know how it is going for you but it has been fun for me. I have kinda gotten past the fact that I am missing my last semester and have embraced the new normal. I shared that in the last blog post and it honestly hasn’t changed much. I have tried my best to stay on top of my work by doing them way ahead of the due dates which again is who I used to be when we had school. I have also adopted some new hobbies like baking, cooking in general, eating way more than I need to, playing tennis and binge-watching movies/shows. I’m not even sure some of those are hobbies but let’s say they are. I have also been working out a lot, granted not as much as I have been eating but we are not going to talk about that.

Anyways, since I get all my work done ahead of time I have so much free time so with that, I have tried to stay as active as much as I can and when I’m being lazy, I watch movies. I have watched some pretty good ones so far and have some saved to my watchlist. I thought it would be helpful to share them with you.

My must-watch during the quarantine

After (Movie, Netflix)

X-men ( All of them from the first one that came out in 2000)

Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu, Show)

Tiger King (Netflix, my watchlist)

Love is blind ( literally the best reality show, Netflix)

For life (Hulu, Show)

The Resident, Good doctor, Grey’s Anatomy, Bones ( for my anatomy nerds out there or anyone interested lol, Hulu)

Miracle in cell no 7 ( watchlist, Netflix)

Money Heist (watchlist, Netflix)

Prison break. (Watchlist, Hulu)

HSMTMTS (Disney+, it turned out to be a pretty good show)

Onward (Disney+ bring your tissues)

Parasite (Hulu)

The voice (reality show, Hulu)

To all the boy’s I’ve loved before 1&2 ( Netflix)

The Morning Show (Apple tv+)

I hope this helps take away some of the boredom we are all feeling. I don’t think I’ve stayed home this long since my gap year and it feels really weird. These movies have helped sustain my mental health in some way and I hope they help you too.